Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My last post for awhile

Hi guys ,since I am not in Canada anymore , I dont know if I should keep writing here.. so i made another blog to just post random stuff and story pieces from my life:)


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Back in Turkey

             Hi there! It's been nearly a month since my last blog , I'm sorry.. I'm back home and finally having some time to relax after my grandfathers surgery and all that stuff.. My dog Sydney finally started to remember me and our puppy is now able to run , which ain't good ...since it means she will walk , get into somewhere that we can't see her and PEE! I really don't understand how can she be able to pee that much! Since my arrival , I was about to get hit by a car in Izmir , in Istanbul and also in Antalya . I forgot the fact that there are some animals that are driving in my awesome country. One day after I came back , we drove to Antalya for my grandfathers surgery and I came to Izmir for the Orientation Camp of the students that will go to Canada next year , two days after. I was there as a returnee , to tell them about my experiences in Canada and it was pretty nice to share my memories with everyone.  And here in the picture , me being silly with the returnee jacket that we had to wear ALL THE TIME , so that the students would know that Im a returnee.  In last year's orientation I was pretty determined to make my agency choose me as a returnee the other year! When I was in the orientation , all the countries were separate , like the students that were going to Canada and America and Europe were having orientation all separately but this year they all came at the same time which made our job a looooot harder. It's really hard to control people at your age cause they don't take you serious.. especially I was younger than most of the students that are going next year so they were acting to me more like I was their friend , which I don't really care cause they talked to me more than others. In the camp the students had tons of seminars about what to do and what to not do while travelling and during their exchange year.

With the students going abroad this year , people that Im most jealous of!