Tuesday, 20 December 2011

CB Screaming Eagles Hockey game and meeting the eagles!

Thanks to our coordinators , we had a chance to meet the eagles that we watch every week..."Cape Breton Screaming Eagles " is the hockey team of Cape Breton . After watching their match , we went to East Side Mario's to have dinner with the Eagles :) That was a memorable night for all of us :)   

                                     All the international students after the Eagles game :)

Cem , Melissa and Viktoria 

Pablo and I :)

with one of the Eagles , Maya , I , Lucia , Melissa and Fernanda :)

with Kevin :D 

Maya and I with all the Chinese people except Oliver :D

Oliver :)

eating at East Side Mario's with Maya 

with Viktoria :)

Halloween 2011

My first Halloween in Canada :)
This year , like most of the things i had done in Canada , i also celebrated Halloween for the first time in my life since we do not have it in Turkey . The Halloween party that we had in my school was so fun and also the party that we had at Jenny's house afterwards :)
Even though my first experience of trick or treating was not so cool , ( i got bananas from the first house that i went ) i really had so much fun with my friends ! And the day we went for the trick or treating, it was 3 C degrees outside :/

making the first jack o lantern in my life with Natasha <3 

with Alberto <3

Inigo :D


with Pablo :)

Jenny , Melissa  and Alberto

with Melissa <3

with Natasha , we are the vampires :)

trick or treating :) 

Halifax Trip October 25th - 27th

The Halifax Trip was totally the most amazing and fun trip that i had ever gone to !Although the trip was mostly shopping , that was really fun with everyone and helped me to get to know most of my friends more and meet lots of people..Peggys Cove , the pizza party that we had in the hotel and the Nepthune Theather was totally awesome and i really had so much fun with everyone :)

Sera & Inigo 

at Peggys Cove !

Inigo (Mexico) Nathalie (Italy - but German) I , Sera , Shota , Umut , Max ( China ) , Charlotte (Germany)


Sera Shota Umut and I :) 

Sera and Umut in Montana :)

Torsten and I 

In front of the MicMac Mall 

In the Turkish restaurant called Turkish Delight in Halifax 
with our other Turkish Friend , Utku 
who is also an exchange student like us in Halifax !

Peggys Cove :) 

with the Brazilian Marshmallow :D