Tuesday, 6 March 2012

February 2012 - Project LEAD and the winter ball

Winterball is kind of a dance for Academy students in February that was fun with everyone to go eat afterwards in East Side Mario's .. 

And the project LEAD is a project prepared by high school students to help younger students that are addicted to drugs . What we did was just having a conference for 2 days but next month we are going to the closest school to the Academy and play games with 7th graders about drug awareness.. :)
That was actually more fun than i thought it would be , I met so many nice people :) :)

Every couple had their own sweets they names are written on :3 
It was only our sweets that had hearts on it , thanks to my friend Ashna! :D <3

February 2012 - International Skating Party

Skating party for new international students 

Sarah , Urara and I 

My host sister and I :)

February 2012 - Oliver's Birthday Party

When you are in a small city like Sydney , you don't really have so many places to go and do stuff , so for Oliver's Birthday , we first destroyed Meaghan's house and then went to Peking Chinese Restaurant :)

Charles , Meaghan , I , Oliver , Victoria , Julio, Catie , Bonnie and Jessica in Meaghan's house..

Birthday kid and I <3

At Chinese restaurant after other people join us too ,
 picture of everyone without the birthday guy haha :D

January 2012 - Science Fair (aka "The Party" )

Science Fair is kind of a competition between IB students that everybody makes either a research project or an invention .. The winner of the school competition goes to the city competition and the ones pass it goes to Toronto for the Canada finals .. Since the judges are so slow , my friends and I just tried to have some fun by taking 350 pictures.. :'D

The only serious part of the day.. My science fair project about the Turkish Van cats that have two different colored eyes and about to be extinct...

And here starts the fun part..