About me

Hello there!
I am Sultan Alara Cetin , 15 year old ( actually I will be 16 so soon!) Turkish girl , living in Sydney NS at the moment . I come from Antalya , Turkey but now my parents live in Istanbul and I will move back to my family's house in July .  I made this blog because I want to archive my pictures and my memories , don't really want to write a real diary but to share my stuff with other people! My birthday is April 19th , I have a younger sister and a younger brother , I enjoy being an exchange student in Canada , I know it that this year is and will be the most memorable year of my whole life . I love my country , proud to be Turkish and proud to represent my country in Canada . I love animals , art , music and learning about other languages and cultures. I love my friends and I love my family . I think it's shortly who I am and why am I trying to do this blog!

Thank you! 
- Alara Cetin -