Sunday, 25 March 2012

Seagulls are scary

   Today I was in the park with Shota , thinking that we can finally feed the poor ducks . We went to Needs to get them some crackers then head to the park . There was only a few seagulls around when we gave the first cracker , then suddenly they became like 30 ,flying around , screaming for food . Even if I throw all the crackers like 10 at a time , the poor ducks could not really eat any because of them . Now I know how scary it is actually to have a seagull near to you less than a meter! That's just so weird that they don't really get scared of you ... Anyways. I really missed hanging out with Shota , even if it is so hard to keep our relationship ...recently. I wish it was easy to have a relationship. We also saw the movie "Hunger Games" today , that was actually one of the best movies that I have seen this year , for sure. I really wish I read the books too , my host sister read all of them and she says that I should read it . Now that movie is my favorite , comparing to the other "famous series " like twilight , harry potter and others . So yeah , I am also one of the fans now.I don't have much to say about today .
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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The weather is playing with us

Today was 20 C! I am in Canada , yeah , and it is warmer than my country for today , something is weird .. maybe the global warming? I have no clue.. Obviously cause of the weather , everybody was out again with shorts , flip-flops and everything . My other Turkish friend Efe picked me , Cem and Jenny up and drove us to our friends place which is right beside the water . But of course the water wasn't warm enough to swim but we made fire and stuff which was nice . Also in science class we were in the lab again , I actually learned a lot today! Like , if you burn Magnesium you actually get heat (obviously) and light . I also tweeted that and a random guy tweeted me back saying that i should visit blah blah page if i wanted more information about Magnesium , yeah i think so , it is weird .  I have beautiful pictures from the beach and lab but eh my memory card does not work. When the weather is warm , I think it makes people happy :) . Today Shota is also back to Canada so I am really happy ~ he messed up with his flight plan so he is staying in the hotel again and coming tomorrow , i have less than a day to see him! I will be rushing tomorrow to meet him but I also have a science and a math test , which wont be as fun - but I am fine with it :) I am really tired - and have to study some science . :( 

song  of the day :D 
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Labs are always fun

Don't you guys think we look cute?
In the science class , today we finally did something fun , went to the lab to explode some chemicals . Ashna and I wanted to take a picture with our super-awesome-big glasses . I really love Ashna - she is actually helping me way too much with so many things at school . The weather was even better than yesterday! They say that it will be warmer tomorrow ;)  I just noticed that there is actually a subway , 20 min walking from my house . Shota is finally coming back tomorrow night ~ I am really looking forward to seeing him on friday after school - It is possible that i will fly over to Newwaterford. It has been 3 weeks that I did not see him and I already miss him a lot - I don't really know how will this thing work during summer. Today also my friend told me that I will be missing the spring fling in BEC , because I will be going to Montreal :( This actually disappointed me so much since I wont be here for Shota's birthday anways and now I can't go to his spring fling either.. :( Today Urara and I decided to make a real big birthday party for us in April in the park! All the international students and our friends will be invited since we wont be having any problem with fitting people to a place.. That will be awesome , I am excited even now! My host sister Courtney is going to the :Hunger Games: tomorrow night at 12 , she is seriously crazy about that movie - I think she and her friends got their tickets like months ago! I dont think that Id be crazy enough to want to go to a movie at 12 when I have school , my mom would not let me go anywayss... That is also crazy how my mother in Turkey actually ignores my Skype calls unless tv has commercials . This saturday , Cem and I will prepare a Turkish dinner for Kevin and Debbie - that will be super fun too! Tomorrow we have double math and have a test on friday.. also a science test and we have an assignment due monday :( but hopefully i will survive :)

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Beautiful weather out!

Today is unexpectedly warm out! I can't believe how can it be this warm all of a sudden ! It was like 16 C out today at 7 pm , which made everyone in Sydney go for a walk.. I am just back from outside too . My friend Meaghan and I walked down to Kevin's house and picked up Myia for a walk after school , Kevin is just back from Mexico and he is getting cold :( hope he will be okey soon , I love seeing Kevin happy , he has the energy that makes you happy too . It has been awhile that I did not walk Myia cause of the weather, I am so happy that it is finally getting warmer in town . We went to the park , to the pond to feed the ducks , yeah we are not really supposed to do that but it is so much fun . It makes me happy to see all of them running at me even if i know that its for the food , not for me , I feel like "aaah they like me". We fed them with crackers cause we had no bread , they seem fine with it tho , so no problems.   Now I am half asleep - really need to sleep longer .I made a sandwich for tomorrow , its been a long time that I actually did not make my lunch and keep eating fast food at school , I understand why obese people are a lot in this country . So , I have packed lunch for tomorrow with grapes haha I don't know why but having my lunch prepared makes me happy , no I am not that stupid , just so positive recently cause of weather!
  Internet says that tomorrow will be warmer than today! But it also says that we will have snow storm this Sunday :( , I don't really want to see snow anymore,after 4 months of snow! So let's hope that the weather will be like this forever , at least till I go back to my country! As I skype my mom , I get the feeling that I should be ready for more trips after this exchange , I think she believes that I can handle more stuff now by myself . It is now sure that I am going to Netherlands this summer if nothing is wrong with my visa! I am actually excited about that too .. And the Montreal trip is coming up! That will be awesome to see Montreal , Ottawa and Quebec city with Kevin! Now I will shower and sleep , finally getting used to sleeping early!

Video of the day ; here you go Haico 
I don't really like this video but still..
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Monday, 19 March 2012

First monday after the break

( say hi to BOB , this is my hamster)
   YES , I could not sleep till 4 am yesterday and yes , it was not easy to get up and go to school... I really hate staying up late so much while breaks and then not be able to get up on time , but it happens. Around 3 am in Canada , it was 8 am in Turkey so I listened to the Turkish Radio on my ipod , saying that my city is now having "a bit cold weather" 20 C DEGREES and here we are happy that today was over 0 , thinking " yay its getting warmer!" and going to school with a t-shirt . But seriously the spring is actually coming! As i wrote yesterday , the ducks are back so hopefully it won't be that cold anymore and by the way , today was 2 C degrees :) . 
     Today I decided to take Bob back to my room , Bob is the hamster that Shota gave me for Christmas after me keep saying that I want a hamster , without really meaning it.. I put him to my host fathers computer room as he prefers to make noise every single night , in stead of sleeping. But now I feel like I ignored him way too much for last two weeks.. so I will take him back to my room , after tonight or after I get used to sleep at 10 and get up on time in the morning . First day of school was actually fun for me since I met my friends that I didn't see during march break and could not see for 1 week before March break as I did not go to school for a week cause of being sick :( . I actually still don't understand how can Canadians don't complain about the hospital system here , my host mother and I went to hospital at 730 and that was 3 am in the morning when we finally arrived home but everyone says that is normal in Canada , well it's not normal for a sick Turkish girl to wait. My host mom told me that after 12 i spoke in Turkish till I went back to the car , I don't really remember.. 
    And somehow I got 93 in English exam! I kinda felt proud since I have the highest mark in class and I am Turkish , hehe ~ Today I noticed that I love art actually , I look forward to having double art tomorrow! But unfortunetly double is Science wednesday .. and I have a chemistry test on thursday and Shota is finally coming back from Japan as well! I am happy that I will finally see him after weeks.. Today my friend Urara told me that there are actually international high schools in Japan that accepts exchange students! I told my father about it and all he said was " I don't really want to decide on something without seeing you " , he is right about that .. I was not really planning to do it next year but anyways , who knows , I may end up in Japan in a few years or maybe for university.. Cem wants to go to Arabia or somewhere in Middle East to do his master degree in history in Arabic . I know that sounds weird too , maybe that's in our blood to want weird things.. Now I am supposed to do my chemistry homework , take a shower , have supper and sleep , hoping that tomorrow I won't be this sleepy! I am looking forward to going to Newwaterford this Thursday or Friday to see Shota , my friend Meaghan is also having a party in her house this weekend so I can't wait till it is Friday ! Don't forget the chemistry test on Thursday either Alara..

Video of the day is the song that Cem & Pablo are in love with ;

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Istanbul - Turkey

Istanbul (historically Byzantium and Constantinople), is the largest city of Turkey, home to a population of 8,803,468 in 2010. A megacity, it is the nation's cultural, economic, and financial center, ranked as an alpha(-) world city by GaWC in 2010.
Located in the northwest of the country, it lies on the Bosphorus strait and encompasses the natural harbour known as the Golden Horn. Extending both on the European (Thrace) and Asian (Anatolia) sides of the strait, Istanbul is the only city in the world situated on twocontinents. It covers 39 districts of Istanbul province. The greater Istanbul metropolitan area held 18% of Turkey's population in 2010. Its 13.26 million residents rank it third in Europe after those of London and Moscow.
During its long history, Istanbul has served as the capital of the Roman Empire (330–395), the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire (395–1204 and 1261–1453), the Latin Empire (1204–1261), and the Ottoman Empire (1453–1922). When the new Republic of Turkey was proclaimed in 1923 Ankara was chosen as its capital.
Istanbul's historic areas were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. It was named a joint European Capital of Culture for 2010 and the European Capital of Sports for 2012. Istanbul is currently bidding to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lazy Sunday

    Today was all about being lazy , getting up late , eating as much as i could at supper and write my blog .. It was again like 3 pm when i get up and today is the last day of the march break ~ I do not really know how will I get up in the morning to go to school :( Since I did nearly nothing today , I kinda had time to think on my own ,  I decided not to complain about my family's decisions , as I know that I cannot change it , even if I do , it will be all about me forcing my family to spend too much money on my education and life , unnecessarily...
    Before I come here as an exchange student my dream was to go abroad and stuff , now I live in Canada but there are more serious decisions that I have to make for my future .. like , should I go back to my country next year? I don't really know , I don't want to force my family to send me back but I am actually enjoying my life in Canada ... Anyways , it seems like I am going back to my country next year! I really miss everything .. I miss the food , I miss my family and I miss my dog , so much! I did not cry so far , because I miss my family in Canada (yet) but .. today something that I really really did not expect happened , my little sister Tamara wanted to talk to me , after months and when I asked her do you miss me? She asked me ,'do you?' and i said I asked you first and she answered yes , i do miss you because my brother is just so annoying  ~ and everything is just so different without you . This is the main reason why now I am fine with going back to Turkey next year , I will at least be with my family and obviously my dog :) Today I also called my uncle and grandmother in Turkey and as always , my grandmother sounded happy at first but then sounded like she is about to cry and passed the phone back to my uncle , I miss them , I  actually really miss my whole family and everything I have in Turkey ~ so I started being positive! When I go back , I will be living in another city that I have never been to before , again..! As my family moved to Tekirday , near to Corlu which means next year I will not be back to my old school , I will start going to another school in Corlu , everything will be new , agaiiinn.. but I am alright with it , I really learned how to make friends , in Canada , in another country , so I think I will be fine with everything in Turkey! I actually do not know how will I catch up with math and other classes but .. hopefully I will be fine with everything in Turkey as well ... Yesterday Haico promised me to get me a bracelet from China , he has two weeks so we will see how it is gonna be! I am also super excited to go on the Montreal trip in April! I will be missing Shota's birthday but I think the trip is gonna be awesome with Yejin , Sojung and Urara! Yeah , they all are asian.. I can not really help it , they are all around! haha .. I want to share my dogs picture with you guys too , so that you know what I am actually talking about! 

I really miss Sydney! and my other pets ,  

Yeah , you saw all my pets , that I am really missing :(
Video of today is the song that Haico actually liked and tries to sing , whenever he sees me :

That's all for today!

Just Dance

Whenever all the international students meet , we have 2 songs to dance with , I just wanted to share since EVERY single person on the exchange actually knows the lyrics and the dance of it , wherever we go , whatever the time it is , if someone has the music with them somehow , we , dance .. 

The ducks are back!

  Today I get up around 2 pm and i was again late meeting Haico , which I know actually makes him hate me , slooowwlyy .. insiidee.. haha . Anyways, I went to Center200 to skate with Sojung , Yejin and Haico , also met my friends Victoria and Jessica , after skating like 3 hours , we left the rink and decided to go to the Chinese restaurant downtown , the weather was awesome ( like 4 C ) and we were really enjoying the sun actually ..  On the way to the chinese restaurant , we met Cem and Ching , went to the restaurant all together .. That was a fun day after all , while walking to Cem's house we stopped in the park , sit on the ground watch the lake and the ducks! I was actually super excited about ducks to come back since Shota and I are waiting for them to come back since December! Now he is still in Japan but I sent him a message saying that the ducks are back! I am happy that the weather is finally getting warmer , comparing to Turkey , 4 C is NOTHING , seriously but here when its warmer than 0 C degrees in day time , then it is warm - after having some fun in the park and taking some stupid pictures we went to Cem's house , skyped my mom all together and then go to to last Eagles hockey game of the year in Center200 again .. then the match became too boring for us that Haico and I went to Tims and I forgot my skates there while going to the movies!! If he did not remember that I definitly would just forget it there and wont remember about it at all .. maybe till I go back to Turkey? haha I dont know.. Then we went to the movies , he wanted to watch a movie called "Safe House" which he thought was a horror movie and I insisted on going to the movie called "21 Jump Street" at 10 pm , but he said it would be too late for him to go back home so we got our tickets to Safe house at 930 , after watching the first 10 minutes of the movie , I started to complain and just made him change the movie , since we are in Canada , they dont really care if we change movies and stuff , i do not know why they just do not notice :D Then we went to the movie "21 Jump Street" and that was quite awesome , I really liked the movie actually..

Sojung & Yejin

Melissa , Yejin , Sojung & Fernanda

Sojung & I 

Haico & I 

Video of the day : obsession is still present 
 - I love this song -

Friday, 16 March 2012

I decided to turn this into my diary!

Since this is my blog , I just decided to turn this blog into my diary from today, right now! Here I go ; what I did today ..
March 16th , 2012
  For last 1 week , I know that next year I will be back to Turkey , back to my routine and everything which gives me headache when I get up in the morning .. but somehow today was different , last night I talked to Paris and he recommended me to go to the Greek Restaurant in Sydney and try the food there , hoping there would be something Turkish . Around 3 pm , I met my friend Haico and went to the restaurant , seriously hoping there will be something good to eat ! With no racist feelings really!
 Then when we sat inside the woman asked me what we wanted and I told her that I am Turkish and I want something that they think close to our food in Turkey and unexpectedly,  she acted colder than she was when I first entered after finding out that I am Turkish! Anyways let's not turn this into a racist thing haha , after having our food there , we payed like 50$ at total which I did not really find worth eating that food ... Before I leave the woman asked me which city I am from , and I said Istanbul and she said ah Constantinapolis , and I said we say Istanbul for last 2.000 years , Constantinapolis is the old old name and she said Its not old , Its just Greek since it was once ours .. Which again made my racist feelings to come out , one more time.. I do not really think that I will ever visit that restaurant again , in my life..
 After our adventure in the restaurant , we went to the movies to see the movie 'A thousand words' which was pretty good and then I left Haico all alone , my host mother and grand-host-mother drove me to my Korean friend , Yejin's house to have some Korean food! She was kind of sad since the people she invited did not show up but then we invited some people over and had some kimchi , bulgogi and noodles! That was pretty fun to talk with Yejin , Sojung , Masataka and Yuuki , to see that two japanese guys are actually getting on really well with Korean girls haha! That is so fun to see my friends together and trying to speak in Turkish with me! To be honest I just find the Korean girls successful at pronouncing Turkish words since Japanese guys do not even have the letters l and r separetly .. anyways , after having some cake , my host mother again picked me up from Yejin's which i know was not a happy drive for her unfortunetly, picking her student from north Sydney and driving back to Sydney again..
  I could not skype my mother when I came home as it is already morning in Turkey , I talked to Shota for a bit which makes me happy , to hear from him finally since he went back to Japan . I am actually really excited to see him when he comes back next tuesday! Now I know how it is like to miss someone .. It is 2 am already! I better sleep !

Video of the day , the song that I am obsessed with recently!

That's all from me for today~
Alara Cetin