Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lazy Sunday

    Today was all about being lazy , getting up late , eating as much as i could at supper and write my blog .. It was again like 3 pm when i get up and today is the last day of the march break ~ I do not really know how will I get up in the morning to go to school :( Since I did nearly nothing today , I kinda had time to think on my own ,  I decided not to complain about my family's decisions , as I know that I cannot change it , even if I do , it will be all about me forcing my family to spend too much money on my education and life , unnecessarily...
    Before I come here as an exchange student my dream was to go abroad and stuff , now I live in Canada but there are more serious decisions that I have to make for my future .. like , should I go back to my country next year? I don't really know , I don't want to force my family to send me back but I am actually enjoying my life in Canada ... Anyways , it seems like I am going back to my country next year! I really miss everything .. I miss the food , I miss my family and I miss my dog , so much! I did not cry so far , because I miss my family in Canada (yet) but .. today something that I really really did not expect happened , my little sister Tamara wanted to talk to me , after months and when I asked her do you miss me? She asked me ,'do you?' and i said I asked you first and she answered yes , i do miss you because my brother is just so annoying  ~ and everything is just so different without you . This is the main reason why now I am fine with going back to Turkey next year , I will at least be with my family and obviously my dog :) Today I also called my uncle and grandmother in Turkey and as always , my grandmother sounded happy at first but then sounded like she is about to cry and passed the phone back to my uncle , I miss them , I  actually really miss my whole family and everything I have in Turkey ~ so I started being positive! When I go back , I will be living in another city that I have never been to before , again..! As my family moved to Tekirday , near to Corlu which means next year I will not be back to my old school , I will start going to another school in Corlu , everything will be new , agaiiinn.. but I am alright with it , I really learned how to make friends , in Canada , in another country , so I think I will be fine with everything in Turkey! I actually do not know how will I catch up with math and other classes but .. hopefully I will be fine with everything in Turkey as well ... Yesterday Haico promised me to get me a bracelet from China , he has two weeks so we will see how it is gonna be! I am also super excited to go on the Montreal trip in April! I will be missing Shota's birthday but I think the trip is gonna be awesome with Yejin , Sojung and Urara! Yeah , they all are asian.. I can not really help it , they are all around! haha .. I want to share my dogs picture with you guys too , so that you know what I am actually talking about! 

I really miss Sydney! and my other pets ,  

Yeah , you saw all my pets , that I am really missing :(
Video of today is the song that Haico actually liked and tries to sing , whenever he sees me :

That's all for today!

Just Dance

Whenever all the international students meet , we have 2 songs to dance with , I just wanted to share since EVERY single person on the exchange actually knows the lyrics and the dance of it , wherever we go , whatever the time it is , if someone has the music with them somehow , we , dance .. 

The ducks are back!

  Today I get up around 2 pm and i was again late meeting Haico , which I know actually makes him hate me , slooowwlyy .. insiidee.. haha . Anyways, I went to Center200 to skate with Sojung , Yejin and Haico , also met my friends Victoria and Jessica , after skating like 3 hours , we left the rink and decided to go to the Chinese restaurant downtown , the weather was awesome ( like 4 C ) and we were really enjoying the sun actually ..  On the way to the chinese restaurant , we met Cem and Ching , went to the restaurant all together .. That was a fun day after all , while walking to Cem's house we stopped in the park , sit on the ground watch the lake and the ducks! I was actually super excited about ducks to come back since Shota and I are waiting for them to come back since December! Now he is still in Japan but I sent him a message saying that the ducks are back! I am happy that the weather is finally getting warmer , comparing to Turkey , 4 C is NOTHING , seriously but here when its warmer than 0 C degrees in day time , then it is warm - after having some fun in the park and taking some stupid pictures we went to Cem's house , skyped my mom all together and then go to to last Eagles hockey game of the year in Center200 again .. then the match became too boring for us that Haico and I went to Tims and I forgot my skates there while going to the movies!! If he did not remember that I definitly would just forget it there and wont remember about it at all .. maybe till I go back to Turkey? haha I dont know.. Then we went to the movies , he wanted to watch a movie called "Safe House" which he thought was a horror movie and I insisted on going to the movie called "21 Jump Street" at 10 pm , but he said it would be too late for him to go back home so we got our tickets to Safe house at 930 , after watching the first 10 minutes of the movie , I started to complain and just made him change the movie , since we are in Canada , they dont really care if we change movies and stuff , i do not know why they just do not notice :D Then we went to the movie "21 Jump Street" and that was quite awesome , I really liked the movie actually..

Sojung & Yejin

Melissa , Yejin , Sojung & Fernanda

Sojung & I 

Haico & I 

Video of the day : obsession is still present 
 - I love this song -