Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My last post for awhile

Hi guys ,since I am not in Canada anymore , I dont know if I should keep writing here.. so i made another blog to just post random stuff and story pieces from my life:)


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Back in Turkey

             Hi there! It's been nearly a month since my last blog , I'm sorry.. I'm back home and finally having some time to relax after my grandfathers surgery and all that stuff.. My dog Sydney finally started to remember me and our puppy is now able to run , which ain't good ...since it means she will walk , get into somewhere that we can't see her and PEE! I really don't understand how can she be able to pee that much! Since my arrival , I was about to get hit by a car in Izmir , in Istanbul and also in Antalya . I forgot the fact that there are some animals that are driving in my awesome country. One day after I came back , we drove to Antalya for my grandfathers surgery and I came to Izmir for the Orientation Camp of the students that will go to Canada next year , two days after. I was there as a returnee , to tell them about my experiences in Canada and it was pretty nice to share my memories with everyone.  And here in the picture , me being silly with the returnee jacket that we had to wear ALL THE TIME , so that the students would know that Im a returnee.  In last year's orientation I was pretty determined to make my agency choose me as a returnee the other year! When I was in the orientation , all the countries were separate , like the students that were going to Canada and America and Europe were having orientation all separately but this year they all came at the same time which made our job a looooot harder. It's really hard to control people at your age cause they don't take you serious.. especially I was younger than most of the students that are going next year so they were acting to me more like I was their friend , which I don't really care cause they talked to me more than others. In the camp the students had tons of seminars about what to do and what to not do while travelling and during their exchange year.

With the students going abroad this year , people that Im most jealous of!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Last Memories II - Best Friends

Urara & Alara
Today I am leaving Canada and the only person that I feel bad for leaving today is Urara , she will stay in Canada for summer too and now everybody is gone and she will be alone.. I just felt like I have to write about her and I cause she is my best friend and also my only friend that actually understands me in EVERY way.. I really hope that I will be able to visit her before she leaves Canada next year and she can come to Turkey to visit me and I can go to Japan , who knows :) but we will always stay friends and best friends if possible.. I was not crying in the airport till I actually see her there since I am not aware of the facts yet , such as .. I wont see her again for a long long time..  She handed me a photo book before I leave which made me cry even more in the plane cause she had pictures of us , everywhere..  
It's not easy to leave someone behind you when you know that they will be alone 
so it was really hard for me to say goodbye to her today until the next time that we meet.. 

Last Memories I

Now I am in Toronto Airport , waiting for my flight to Munich then Istanbul.. Its only 1 pm here and my flight is at 8 pm so i have 7 hours that I can spend .. blogging :) I could not write here for a long time because I did not want to spend my last days in Canada in front of the pc .. Now I am going back to my country , going back home to Turkey :) I am actually really excited to see my family after a year and my dog!! I am also excited to eat Turkish food finally!! <3 Now I will try to add the pictures that I couldn't from the bonfire that we had at my friend Abbey's house :)

Shota & I in the garden

Allysa , I , Abbey and Megan

I , in front of SA for the last time :( 

The guys carrying us on their shoulders , Shota , Melissa , Mads, Bruna and Inigo :)

Urara and I , she is my best friend in Canada , which makes it even harder to say goodbye!

All the girls in the bonfire and Sacha hiding at the back! 

Cem showing off the Turkish power by carrying me and Melissa together at his back!
Shota & I 

Abbey and I infront of her house

Shota and I :)

everybody at the goodbye bonfire 
Shota and I 

Jessica , Sarah . I , Megan , Allysa and Abbey 

How the garden looked before my host sister Courtney came in ! 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

July 3rd - Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove with my Thai friend Ching 
      I am getting closer to leave Canada every single day. It's nearly impossible to understand that 10 months just flew away. I still feel like I am at the beginning of the journey. I wish I could stay here longer , like.. till I get old .. really old. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


It's finally May, I am happy that it is getting warmer but it also means I'm going home soon. I don't want to... but let's not talk about this. The rugby games of the school is over , SA is in provincials but with the second place. I wish they were the first so that Cem and Pablo would be happier. The exams are coming up but the temperature is also going up , nobody really wants to study. Our school had the voting for next year's head boy and head girl. It was the most entertaining show that I have seen in my life to get more votes. 
But also at the beginning of the month , two guys from our school died cause of a car accident. I didn't personally know them but I can see the pain in people's eyes. It is so sad that two young people died because of speed and alcohol. This happened just before the mothers day , I can't imagine the pain that they mothers had... Still the place that they had the car crush has tons of flowers around it and candles , there was nearly no one in the school when their funerals were going on. It is so sad to know that they were students and they died at the age of 15 and 17. 
-Rest in piece boys-
  In may.. other than that tragedy , we had a surprise party for Alberto and another party for Leonie but neither of them was better than mine ;) We had Alberto's party at the backyard of our house and we took so many pictures with Sarah's camera but Alberto comes , but unfortunetly the camera died just before he arrived . So yeah, we have tons of pictures of us without the birthday kid :) 
                  We also had a bonfire at my friend Abbey's house and went to hot-tub after.  It was such a nice night with friends. We will have one more bonfire for my host sister Courtney at Abbey's two weeks later from today , since we will be in Halifax this weekend!!! It's the second Halifax trip that I will go to with the exchange students and I am actually really looking forward to it!

Shota & I at the bonfire

At Melissa's birthday party

Me being terrified before Alberto comes to his party

Mads and I 

Bruna and I in Membertou Field , supposed to watch the guys playing Rugby

Shota and I at the bonfire

at Leonie's surprise party

My habibi and I , one of my best friend's in Canada , Musty

Denmark-boy and I again

Bhreagh and I 

Before Alberto's surprise party, everybody trying to be funny 

Cyro and I , Aeropostale friendship
with the caption on fb " The Turkish girl with the tall guy"

Everyone at the backyard just before Alberto arrives

Sarah and I being ridicilous


Sarah and I in CBU.

Sarah and I before we watch the guys playing Rugby in CBU.
 I have so many reasons to love April , love Canada and love my friends. When I remember the fact that I will go back to my country soon , all I think about is about if I will ever see these people again. I miss my family , my friends in Turkey , food , my dogs and everything but I have a life here that I love. I am not saying that I will be depressed all the time or something when I go back to Turkey but I love my life in Cape Breton.
Shota and I , watching the dance shows in Center200.

      I think it is because here I have less rules to obey, more time to spend with friends and the most important fact is that everything is new , everything is fun. I am still studying for my classes and everything but here is a lot easier.
I don't actually know how will I catch up with the students in Turkey when I go back. To make my studies easier , I decided to study languages when I go back. I have less than 1 month in Canada, I actually really don't want to go back , stay here forever with my friends and my family here.
Turkish students of CB making Baklava for the Potluck.

While the Rugby Game in CBU.

How our Baklava looked when we took it to the potluck 

More from my birthday

Even though the pictures are really bad , it was still my best birthday party ever. I will never forget my friends  here in Cape Breton :)