Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lazy Sunday

    Today was all about being lazy , getting up late , eating as much as i could at supper and write my blog .. It was again like 3 pm when i get up and today is the last day of the march break ~ I do not really know how will I get up in the morning to go to school :( Since I did nearly nothing today , I kinda had time to think on my own ,  I decided not to complain about my family's decisions , as I know that I cannot change it , even if I do , it will be all about me forcing my family to spend too much money on my education and life , unnecessarily...
    Before I come here as an exchange student my dream was to go abroad and stuff , now I live in Canada but there are more serious decisions that I have to make for my future .. like , should I go back to my country next year? I don't really know , I don't want to force my family to send me back but I am actually enjoying my life in Canada ... Anyways , it seems like I am going back to my country next year! I really miss everything .. I miss the food , I miss my family and I miss my dog , so much! I did not cry so far , because I miss my family in Canada (yet) but .. today something that I really really did not expect happened , my little sister Tamara wanted to talk to me , after months and when I asked her do you miss me? She asked me ,'do you?' and i said I asked you first and she answered yes , i do miss you because my brother is just so annoying  ~ and everything is just so different without you . This is the main reason why now I am fine with going back to Turkey next year , I will at least be with my family and obviously my dog :) Today I also called my uncle and grandmother in Turkey and as always , my grandmother sounded happy at first but then sounded like she is about to cry and passed the phone back to my uncle , I miss them , I  actually really miss my whole family and everything I have in Turkey ~ so I started being positive! When I go back , I will be living in another city that I have never been to before , again..! As my family moved to Tekirday , near to Corlu which means next year I will not be back to my old school , I will start going to another school in Corlu , everything will be new , agaiiinn.. but I am alright with it , I really learned how to make friends , in Canada , in another country , so I think I will be fine with everything in Turkey! I actually do not know how will I catch up with math and other classes but .. hopefully I will be fine with everything in Turkey as well ... Yesterday Haico promised me to get me a bracelet from China , he has two weeks so we will see how it is gonna be! I am also super excited to go on the Montreal trip in April! I will be missing Shota's birthday but I think the trip is gonna be awesome with Yejin , Sojung and Urara! Yeah , they all are asian.. I can not really help it , they are all around! haha .. I want to share my dogs picture with you guys too , so that you know what I am actually talking about! 

I really miss Sydney! and my other pets ,  

Yeah , you saw all my pets , that I am really missing :(
Video of today is the song that Haico actually liked and tries to sing , whenever he sees me :

That's all for today!

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