Monday, 7 May 2012

April, My Birthday - Sweet 16

    I knew it that I wouldn't be able to write my blog like a diary anyways .. so yeah - I couldn't. April 19th was my first birthday in Canada .. now I am 16 so I will need to change the caption of the blog since I am not a 15 year old Turkish girl anymore. Two weeks before my birthday , I saw a commercial on TV , Swiss Chalet and I was asking my host mom if they actually make the chicken that way cause it was exactly how we do it in Turkey and my host mom was like yeah , we can even go there for your birthday but I will need to book it right now since its a really busy place for a family dinner. Which sounded really really normal to me , thinking my host father and I have the same birthday and we will just going for a family dinner together. At the same day , I was trying to organize a birthday party for myself on Saturday night at my friends house. When the friday night come , I just wore a sweater and left to have supper with my family thinking "eeh we will just go have some burgers and come back". 
    As we stepped in , Maureen told the waitress that we came for the reservation for The Snow , and the woman said "Oh the big group , just follow me" and I was just thinking we are four people what is she saying. So yeah , there was a surprise party with 52 people including my coordinator Kevin Linden, when i saw everyone there singing there for me and everything , all i could do was just staring around , crying.. That was the best birthday party I have ever had , after that we went to boardwalk and happily, it was such a warm day that we could stay outside till 11. And who organized all these were my host sister Courtney and my Turkish friend Cem , there is even a group on Facebook for the surprise party . All this obviously made me so happy and feel loved.I am really happy here and when I think that I will go back to Turkey really soon , I just feel bad - but I am also excited that I will see my dog and my family after a year and be able to eat Turkish food! So the party was awesome but unfortunately, there are only 2 people who have pictures from that night and one of them is Chris , which means I probably will never have those pictures. 

except this one.

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