Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Sarah and I in CBU.

Sarah and I before we watch the guys playing Rugby in CBU.
 I have so many reasons to love April , love Canada and love my friends. When I remember the fact that I will go back to my country soon , all I think about is about if I will ever see these people again. I miss my family , my friends in Turkey , food , my dogs and everything but I have a life here that I love. I am not saying that I will be depressed all the time or something when I go back to Turkey but I love my life in Cape Breton.
Shota and I , watching the dance shows in Center200.

      I think it is because here I have less rules to obey, more time to spend with friends and the most important fact is that everything is new , everything is fun. I am still studying for my classes and everything but here is a lot easier.
I don't actually know how will I catch up with the students in Turkey when I go back. To make my studies easier , I decided to study languages when I go back. I have less than 1 month in Canada, I actually really don't want to go back , stay here forever with my friends and my family here.
Turkish students of CB making Baklava for the Potluck.

While the Rugby Game in CBU.

How our Baklava looked when we took it to the potluck 

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