Monday, 2 July 2012

Last Memories I

Now I am in Toronto Airport , waiting for my flight to Munich then Istanbul.. Its only 1 pm here and my flight is at 8 pm so i have 7 hours that I can spend .. blogging :) I could not write here for a long time because I did not want to spend my last days in Canada in front of the pc .. Now I am going back to my country , going back home to Turkey :) I am actually really excited to see my family after a year and my dog!! I am also excited to eat Turkish food finally!! <3 Now I will try to add the pictures that I couldn't from the bonfire that we had at my friend Abbey's house :)

Shota & I in the garden

Allysa , I , Abbey and Megan

I , in front of SA for the last time :( 

The guys carrying us on their shoulders , Shota , Melissa , Mads, Bruna and Inigo :)

Urara and I , she is my best friend in Canada , which makes it even harder to say goodbye!

All the girls in the bonfire and Sacha hiding at the back! 

Cem showing off the Turkish power by carrying me and Melissa together at his back!
Shota & I 

Abbey and I infront of her house

Shota and I :)

everybody at the goodbye bonfire 
Shota and I 

Jessica , Sarah . I , Megan , Allysa and Abbey 

How the garden looked before my host sister Courtney came in ! 

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