Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Potluck and the Christmas Party - December 2011

Potluck and the christmas party that we had in SA 
That was totally fun , we all had some dishes that we cooked from our countries
 and brought them to the school and had a great meal all together :) 

with all my friends after eating the stuff that we brought 

Mads , I and Santa (Ron :D )

with Lauren :) 

Rice Pudding Corner 
Turkish , Danish , Mexican and Brazilian rice puddings 
the conversation we had was quite funny 
Mads : hey alara what did you do ?
I : I made something called rice pudding
Mads : What?? did you put rice milk and sugar in it ??
A brazilian : Dont say that you guys put cinnamon on it too..
Mads and I : neh.. this had better be a joke 
Melissa : We have it in Mexico too its Mexican
Mads : no its Danish
I : no way im sure its Turkish
All of us : then its international 


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