Friday, 16 December 2011

September 2011

The welcoming party for internationals that Jenny made for us!

Baddeck , 2011  

The gift shop that 20 people tried to get in all together at the Baddeck Orientation Trip :)

with the best host sister ever in the world! Lucia , I love youuu :3 
We were in a gift shop in Baddeck .

A picture taken in Baddeck harbour . Bonnie ( She is Chinese ) , Pablo <3 (Mexico) , I , Sacha (Belgium) and Adam from Czech :) 

In the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck ,
Melissa <3  (Mexico), I , Pablo <3 (Mexico) , Viki & David from Germany :)) 

the art work that we did in the museum for our countries , the kites :) ( that we couldnt manage to make fly haha ) 

David with our super cool kite :)

I and Luisa ( Brazil)  in museum :) I love her <3 

Pablo , I and Sera in Baddeck :) 

Myia in Baddeck !!!! She is the cutest thing ever and her owner is also the best person ever in the world ! EVERYBODY LOVES KEVIN LINDEN <3 

Cem and my old host sister in my first host family Jenna , in the garden of my old host family . Cutest picture of the month :) 

The cake that I and my host sister Lucia made for our first host mom Stephanie for her birthday :)

Lucia <3 with the other cake :) 

Lucia and I in Baddeck :) 

In the beach , yeah Canada has summer too haha !

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