Monday, 19 March 2012

First monday after the break

( say hi to BOB , this is my hamster)
   YES , I could not sleep till 4 am yesterday and yes , it was not easy to get up and go to school... I really hate staying up late so much while breaks and then not be able to get up on time , but it happens. Around 3 am in Canada , it was 8 am in Turkey so I listened to the Turkish Radio on my ipod , saying that my city is now having "a bit cold weather" 20 C DEGREES and here we are happy that today was over 0 , thinking " yay its getting warmer!" and going to school with a t-shirt . But seriously the spring is actually coming! As i wrote yesterday , the ducks are back so hopefully it won't be that cold anymore and by the way , today was 2 C degrees :) . 
     Today I decided to take Bob back to my room , Bob is the hamster that Shota gave me for Christmas after me keep saying that I want a hamster , without really meaning it.. I put him to my host fathers computer room as he prefers to make noise every single night , in stead of sleeping. But now I feel like I ignored him way too much for last two weeks.. so I will take him back to my room , after tonight or after I get used to sleep at 10 and get up on time in the morning . First day of school was actually fun for me since I met my friends that I didn't see during march break and could not see for 1 week before March break as I did not go to school for a week cause of being sick :( . I actually still don't understand how can Canadians don't complain about the hospital system here , my host mother and I went to hospital at 730 and that was 3 am in the morning when we finally arrived home but everyone says that is normal in Canada , well it's not normal for a sick Turkish girl to wait. My host mom told me that after 12 i spoke in Turkish till I went back to the car , I don't really remember.. 
    And somehow I got 93 in English exam! I kinda felt proud since I have the highest mark in class and I am Turkish , hehe ~ Today I noticed that I love art actually , I look forward to having double art tomorrow! But unfortunetly double is Science wednesday .. and I have a chemistry test on thursday and Shota is finally coming back from Japan as well! I am happy that I will finally see him after weeks.. Today my friend Urara told me that there are actually international high schools in Japan that accepts exchange students! I told my father about it and all he said was " I don't really want to decide on something without seeing you " , he is right about that .. I was not really planning to do it next year but anyways , who knows , I may end up in Japan in a few years or maybe for university.. Cem wants to go to Arabia or somewhere in Middle East to do his master degree in history in Arabic . I know that sounds weird too , maybe that's in our blood to want weird things.. Now I am supposed to do my chemistry homework , take a shower , have supper and sleep , hoping that tomorrow I won't be this sleepy! I am looking forward to going to Newwaterford this Thursday or Friday to see Shota , my friend Meaghan is also having a party in her house this weekend so I can't wait till it is Friday ! Don't forget the chemistry test on Thursday either Alara..

Video of the day is the song that Cem & Pablo are in love with ;

That's all from me for today

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