Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Beautiful weather out!

Today is unexpectedly warm out! I can't believe how can it be this warm all of a sudden ! It was like 16 C out today at 7 pm , which made everyone in Sydney go for a walk.. I am just back from outside too . My friend Meaghan and I walked down to Kevin's house and picked up Myia for a walk after school , Kevin is just back from Mexico and he is getting cold :( hope he will be okey soon , I love seeing Kevin happy , he has the energy that makes you happy too . It has been awhile that I did not walk Myia cause of the weather, I am so happy that it is finally getting warmer in town . We went to the park , to the pond to feed the ducks , yeah we are not really supposed to do that but it is so much fun . It makes me happy to see all of them running at me even if i know that its for the food , not for me , I feel like "aaah they like me". We fed them with crackers cause we had no bread , they seem fine with it tho , so no problems.   Now I am half asleep - really need to sleep longer .I made a sandwich for tomorrow , its been a long time that I actually did not make my lunch and keep eating fast food at school , I understand why obese people are a lot in this country . So , I have packed lunch for tomorrow with grapes haha I don't know why but having my lunch prepared makes me happy , no I am not that stupid , just so positive recently cause of weather!
  Internet says that tomorrow will be warmer than today! But it also says that we will have snow storm this Sunday :( , I don't really want to see snow anymore,after 4 months of snow! So let's hope that the weather will be like this forever , at least till I go back to my country! As I skype my mom , I get the feeling that I should be ready for more trips after this exchange , I think she believes that I can handle more stuff now by myself . It is now sure that I am going to Netherlands this summer if nothing is wrong with my visa! I am actually excited about that too .. And the Montreal trip is coming up! That will be awesome to see Montreal , Ottawa and Quebec city with Kevin! Now I will shower and sleep , finally getting used to sleeping early!

Video of the day ; here you go Haico 
I don't really like this video but still..
That's all for today! 

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