Friday, 16 March 2012

I decided to turn this into my diary!

Since this is my blog , I just decided to turn this blog into my diary from today, right now! Here I go ; what I did today ..
March 16th , 2012
  For last 1 week , I know that next year I will be back to Turkey , back to my routine and everything which gives me headache when I get up in the morning .. but somehow today was different , last night I talked to Paris and he recommended me to go to the Greek Restaurant in Sydney and try the food there , hoping there would be something Turkish . Around 3 pm , I met my friend Haico and went to the restaurant , seriously hoping there will be something good to eat ! With no racist feelings really!
 Then when we sat inside the woman asked me what we wanted and I told her that I am Turkish and I want something that they think close to our food in Turkey and unexpectedly,  she acted colder than she was when I first entered after finding out that I am Turkish! Anyways let's not turn this into a racist thing haha , after having our food there , we payed like 50$ at total which I did not really find worth eating that food ... Before I leave the woman asked me which city I am from , and I said Istanbul and she said ah Constantinapolis , and I said we say Istanbul for last 2.000 years , Constantinapolis is the old old name and she said Its not old , Its just Greek since it was once ours .. Which again made my racist feelings to come out , one more time.. I do not really think that I will ever visit that restaurant again , in my life..
 After our adventure in the restaurant , we went to the movies to see the movie 'A thousand words' which was pretty good and then I left Haico all alone , my host mother and grand-host-mother drove me to my Korean friend , Yejin's house to have some Korean food! She was kind of sad since the people she invited did not show up but then we invited some people over and had some kimchi , bulgogi and noodles! That was pretty fun to talk with Yejin , Sojung , Masataka and Yuuki , to see that two japanese guys are actually getting on really well with Korean girls haha! That is so fun to see my friends together and trying to speak in Turkish with me! To be honest I just find the Korean girls successful at pronouncing Turkish words since Japanese guys do not even have the letters l and r separetly .. anyways , after having some cake , my host mother again picked me up from Yejin's which i know was not a happy drive for her unfortunetly, picking her student from north Sydney and driving back to Sydney again..
  I could not skype my mother when I came home as it is already morning in Turkey , I talked to Shota for a bit which makes me happy , to hear from him finally since he went back to Japan . I am actually really excited to see him when he comes back next tuesday! Now I know how it is like to miss someone .. It is 2 am already! I better sleep !

Video of the day , the song that I am obsessed with recently!

That's all from me for today~
Alara Cetin


  1. Alaraaa! I'm so hungry let's eat some Greek !!

  2. hahaha haico , next year these times i will really be like come on lets go eat some greek haha

    1. Let's do that in Turkey

    2. haha in turkey we dont go to greek restaurants haha , never , ever, unless you are weird

    3. Then let's go to Greek for few days!