Friday, 16 March 2012

My best friend here is also Turkish

I met so many people since my arrival to Sydney but my best friend here is Cem and he is Turkish as well , it must be something to do with the language i guess .. But I can't help it , i would probably be fine without him in Canada too but he is the one who listened to my problems and tried to get me through all of them!~ Sometimes you just need to speak to someone that knows your language , your culture and knows what would actually happen to you in the present situation if you were Turkey and Cem is the only person that I really need to talk with sometimes and spend some time with.. In Turkish we say  " Turkun Turk'ten baska dostu yoktur" that means the Turk does not have any friends other than other Turks , it is not that I say that is totally true but sometimes we just say it to each other when we know or just feel it that we would not be able to talk about that thing with someone else..

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