Thursday, 15 March 2012

Let's be honest - 1

     I have been living here since August , Its a country that i have never been to before , in a totally different culture and everything. Being an exchange student is the most amazing thing , meeting new people , making new friends , trying  new things ... Before i moved to Canada , only other country that i have been to , "without my family" was Germany for 2 weeks with a school trip , except that i have never been apart from my family that long.. and now I am living in Canada for over 7 months , I cannot believe how long it has been that i actually did not have dinner with my family , fight with my sister , walk my dog , be alone in my real room.. 
    I really miss the rain , since it did not really snow in my city Antalya and it does not really rain here in Sydney, i miss being dissapointed about having school since even if it rained so much that day the school is never off in Turkey and here even if you want to go to school , it snows and boom - schools are off .. I miss my mom forcing me to eat the stuff that i dont like and now here , there is nearly nothing similar to what we eat in Turkey .. I miss visiting my grandparents and listening to my grandfathers stories.. Thats also another thing that  exchange students are always scared of .. " what will I do if something happens to my relatives?" and that is really true , personally I , I seriously get scared that I will loose one of my grandparents or someone else in my family when I am away.. It's not that I do not really enjoy being an exchange student , but it is not as easy as most of the people think , being away from our families for a year , living another culture in another language...
    I remember my first host mother telling me that I might need more sleep since I translate everything in my head all day which means I think twice , which means i might get tired easily .. I did not really think the same at first but when I really think about it , that is true.. Also my English teacher in Turkey telling me that everything will be  easier after starting to dream in English ~ that is also true , somehow it kinda gave me more confidence to get up in the morning and start the new day when i dream in English .. But now I do not really care if i dreamed in Turkish or in English really. After like a month , you get used to everything anyways , like.. now I am thinking how will I really live without my friends in Turkey next year. I will be with my family , with my dog and everything but I will not have my friends that I have here , school will be harder than here and i will be back to the routine in Turkey , study and study for the university exams. Today's date is March 16th , we are at the middle of March break and yes , i finally have some time to think of what I am really doing for last 7 months , finally getting aware of what I am right now ..  

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