Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ottowa 2012!

   We finally arrived to our hotel in Ottawa , this trip is probably the best trip that I have ever had so far! That would be even better if my camera didn't break and stop working at the first day since I got it especially for this trip , but .. what happens , happens :( I am staying in the same room with Urara , Sojung and another Japanese girl called Rika , she is pretty nice and cute , too. I am exhausted cause of walking around .. in 7 days my coordinator Kevin is becoming 50 but he can walk 4 hours non-stop. I just admire him a lot cause of that but anyways.. He is the one actually making the trip this much fun!

    I don't think that we would have this much fun if he wasn't here anyways... Ottawa is what we call 'city' , Sydney is more like a village comparing to here and also where I am from . I am just so happy to see some high buildings after 8 months!! After seeing the town , now I decided that I would LOVE to live in this city . After arriving to our hotel & going  and having supper in an Italian Restaurant , Kevin wanted to walk around the town . We walked around the parliament buildings and on the main streets .. Friday we will be going to Hard Rock Cafe - Ottawa which is another exciting place to go here! Kevin also promised to take me to a Turkish restaurant here in Ottawa , I am just sooo pumped for that !! After having 3 days in Ottawa , we will head up to Montreal , this makes me even more hyper when I think of that! I hope that I will also see my Turkish friend there when I arrive to Montreal and at least to go to a restaurant there with her ~ tomorrow we will be going to a few museums.. and to NHL hockey game!!!!!! We will watch NHL Ottawa Senators vs Boston Bruins and then have supper in " the ledge " :)) I am just so excited for tomorrow :O
 Too much excitement is not good but I can't really help it. I think I'd better sleep now to be able to get up at 7 tomorrow , leave the hotel at 8 and be out till 10:30!! Today was awesome so I hope the rest of the trip will also be so much fun :) I also met so many new people :)) So shortly , I am pretty happy & going to bed!
That's all from me for today ,

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