Sunday, 25 March 2012

Seagulls are scary

   Today I was in the park with Shota , thinking that we can finally feed the poor ducks . We went to Needs to get them some crackers then head to the park . There was only a few seagulls around when we gave the first cracker , then suddenly they became like 30 ,flying around , screaming for food . Even if I throw all the crackers like 10 at a time , the poor ducks could not really eat any because of them . Now I know how scary it is actually to have a seagull near to you less than a meter! That's just so weird that they don't really get scared of you ... Anyways. I really missed hanging out with Shota , even if it is so hard to keep our relationship ...recently. I wish it was easy to have a relationship. We also saw the movie "Hunger Games" today , that was actually one of the best movies that I have seen this year , for sure. I really wish I read the books too , my host sister read all of them and she says that I should read it . Now that movie is my favorite , comparing to the other "famous series " like twilight , harry potter and others . So yeah , I am also one of the fans now.I don't have much to say about today .
Thats all for today I guess ,

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