Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Labs are always fun

Don't you guys think we look cute?
In the science class , today we finally did something fun , went to the lab to explode some chemicals . Ashna and I wanted to take a picture with our super-awesome-big glasses . I really love Ashna - she is actually helping me way too much with so many things at school . The weather was even better than yesterday! They say that it will be warmer tomorrow ;)  I just noticed that there is actually a subway , 20 min walking from my house . Shota is finally coming back tomorrow night ~ I am really looking forward to seeing him on friday after school - It is possible that i will fly over to Newwaterford. It has been 3 weeks that I did not see him and I already miss him a lot - I don't really know how will this thing work during summer. Today also my friend told me that I will be missing the spring fling in BEC , because I will be going to Montreal :( This actually disappointed me so much since I wont be here for Shota's birthday anways and now I can't go to his spring fling either.. :( Today Urara and I decided to make a real big birthday party for us in April in the park! All the international students and our friends will be invited since we wont be having any problem with fitting people to a place.. That will be awesome , I am excited even now! My host sister Courtney is going to the :Hunger Games: tomorrow night at 12 , she is seriously crazy about that movie - I think she and her friends got their tickets like months ago! I dont think that Id be crazy enough to want to go to a movie at 12 when I have school , my mom would not let me go anywayss... That is also crazy how my mother in Turkey actually ignores my Skype calls unless tv has commercials . This saturday , Cem and I will prepare a Turkish dinner for Kevin and Debbie - that will be super fun too! Tomorrow we have double math and have a test on friday.. also a science test and we have an assignment due monday :( but hopefully i will survive :)

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