Thursday, 22 March 2012

The weather is playing with us

Today was 20 C! I am in Canada , yeah , and it is warmer than my country for today , something is weird .. maybe the global warming? I have no clue.. Obviously cause of the weather , everybody was out again with shorts , flip-flops and everything . My other Turkish friend Efe picked me , Cem and Jenny up and drove us to our friends place which is right beside the water . But of course the water wasn't warm enough to swim but we made fire and stuff which was nice . Also in science class we were in the lab again , I actually learned a lot today! Like , if you burn Magnesium you actually get heat (obviously) and light . I also tweeted that and a random guy tweeted me back saying that i should visit blah blah page if i wanted more information about Magnesium , yeah i think so , it is weird .  I have beautiful pictures from the beach and lab but eh my memory card does not work. When the weather is warm , I think it makes people happy :) . Today Shota is also back to Canada so I am really happy ~ he messed up with his flight plan so he is staying in the hotel again and coming tomorrow , i have less than a day to see him! I will be rushing tomorrow to meet him but I also have a science and a math test , which wont be as fun - but I am fine with it :) I am really tired - and have to study some science . :( 

song  of the day :D 
Thats all for today 

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